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Equinox Match System Guide (English) €16,54 €9,93
Publisher: Vagrant Workshop
by João P. R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/07/2015 17:48:05

The already advertised graphical incompleteness aside, I feel like the book could use a lot of tweaks to the formatting, distribution of the content, and clarity of the information it presents at certain points. It felt like I was jumping around a bit too much to understand certain concepts when going through character creation, where several of them are things that should have been clear THERE, and I can't really say I approve of that. The pdf could also really use some comprehensive bookmarks like the setting guide, so I hope those will be added in time.

That aside. I haven't digested all the nitty gritty details, but overall I really like the system. Some details I don't because they conflict with my preferences or personally add complications to otherwise smooth mechanics; but others I appreciate a lot. Qualification skills are a treat, as is the presence of a Scale mechanic (thanks for figuring that out to make life easier for us); the way regular skills are done I also like, and health tracks and combat are appropriate and simple enough to figure out. Matches are an interesting gimmick that I was originally fearful of, but they're actually interesting and they do add some depth to the rolls.

I may not feel /satisfied/ with the Equinox Match System book yet (that will come once it's actually completed and hopefully receives some touches reflecting my feedback), but I do think it was worth the money for what I'll make of it and what I already enjoy in it.

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Equinox Match System Guide (English)
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