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Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG - Tales of the Dungeon €18,86
Publisher: Pegasus Press
by Danny B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/29/2022 07:51:17

This book is really good in theory but you can tell it was not proof read properly before it was published as it is missing several key components.

For example the two new classes are missing their starting gear. I would recommend the Wizard's starting gear for the Necromancer and the Thief's starting gear for the Tomb Robber.

The new races are also missing their character generation tables that the other races have in the main player book.

This is disapointing because I really wanted to use these new players options but as a GM if I introduce them it means my players will be asking a whole bunch of questions as the answers are not in the book! (I don't wish to create that content myself, this is the reason I brought the book in the first place!)

I hope that the next content book released for this game has more care put in to it as the system is very intresting but sloppy products like this really let the system down!

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Talisman Adventures Fantasy RPG - Tales of the Dungeon
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