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Titanic Triumph (Core Rulebook) €4,69
Publisher: Modiphius
by Chris M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/23/2023 13:15:06

From the first time I played Modiphius' Conan 2d20 system, I thought it would be an excellent system for a medium-crunch superhero game. Titanic Triumph does a great job of utilizing the core mechanical elements of the 2d20 system (like Momentum and Doom -- here called Chaos -- and the dice system) and intergrating them into the genre and super powers. The book itself is well-written and very well organized with a nice, clean layout that is easy to read. I like how the powers are organized into physical, mental, meta, and talents. The inclusion of meta powers that lean into the 2d20 system mechanics is very clever, and if it doesn't suit your particular approach as a GM, you can just disallow that section of powers (although I think that would be a shame).

It's hard to find good medium-crunch ttrpg systems in the superhero genre space imo -- they tend to be too rules light or heavy crunch like the classic games in the genre -- but Titanic Triumph lands nicely in that middle space, and I think the system is fast and easy to learn for people new to it. I've played a lot of 2d20, and it doesn't take long for players to get the hang of it and enjoy fast-paced, fun combat. The term "medium crunch" shouldn't scare you -- it's not overly fiddly in combat as D&D-type games tend to be, and you can build a cool superhero using these rules in less than an hour without needing a spreadsheet.

Along those lines, this is very much a roll-your-own system at this point. There are a few example characters for reference and a brief adventure outline, but if you're going to run Titanic Triumph, you're going to have to build your own villains and craft your own adventures (although adapting either from other systems is a breeze compared to other high-crunch superhero systems). Anyway, I definitely recommend this game, which lands at a great price point for the amount of fun it delivers, if you like 2d20 or are looking for a good medium-crunch superhero game that combines gamist, narrativist, and simulationist approaches in a nice, balanced way.

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Titanic Triumph (Core Rulebook)
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