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Infinite Galaxies Core Rules
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Publisher: Grendel's Vault Productions
by Callum R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/23/2023 15:00:04

I love this ruleset and play it regularly. Infinite Galaxies is an amazingly multipurpose system that has proven itself (despite it's scifi trappings) to be remarkably settings-agnostic; to the point that I have used it for settings as varied as pulp WW2 adventures, amodern-day sci-fi scuba campaign   (with a touch of Jeffrey A Carver), and of course, its namesake ... role-playing in a broght future.

I have used it for survival in the wilds - I have used it for sky pirates - I've used it for Nausicaa style settings and in one case used it to throw the players into the battle of Agincourt (time travel schennanagens, naturally) and not only did it not break, but it could have worked for longer play.

Granted, for a full campaign, anything before the turn of the 19th century is probably pushing it to breaking point, and

ure, you need to rename "laser rifle" to "rifle" occasionally, but the underlying moveset is so refined that it works pretty much out the box for just about anything!

As you would expect of a good PbtA rules system, the moves are tight, on-point, and narratively driven. This is Dungeon World but in Space (or in my case in anywhere post-gunpowder)

The art is charming, though it has a pulp scifi vibe, and the text well-explained and well thought out

I heartily advise this to anyone wanting a multi-purpose Sci-Fi PbtA system!

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Infinite Galaxies Core Rules
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