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SCP The Tabletop RPG €18,74
Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
by Stephan T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/13/2022 04:47:45

If you’re looking for a more role-play focused tabletop RPG book that is not Cthulhu but still focused on interesting and unique horror elements, this is it. I’ve played a one-shot with it and it was genuinely a good time. It did help that the GM already had a bunch of prior knowledge about the SCP universe in general, and I do think you need to be somewhat interested in the universe to get into it, but the book covers a lot of it so it’s a great base to get started. I really like the addition of exploding dice where you get to roll a bonus dice whenever you roll a maximum number on an attribute check die. Another cool addition is the drama cards. With drama cards any player can interrupt the GM and interject something else that suddenly happens. This can create things like distractions but also change npc behavior towards you, or just a little joke card you can toss in. It really helps create a more interactive experience with the GM. Of course the GM has to be open to such changes in his story, but they are an addition and don’t have to be used. The only issues with it are that some systems are a little unnecessary complicated, but I know that the creator of this TTRPG is working very hard to fix any struggling systems into a more streamlined format so I do think that deserves a big plus.

Overall: Good base book to start your SCP tabletop adventures. A must have if you’re a big fan of the SCP universe and want to host your own TTRPG’s.

If you want to know more about the rules I’d really recommend checking out these videos:

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SCP The Tabletop RPG
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