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Cyberpunk RED Data Screen €7,37 €0,92
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Kevin B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/10/2021 00:43:53

So this is a quick functional review of the data screen. I purchased the pdf so I can't comment on the physical product. I give it five stars because it does what a data screen should do; it gives a large portion of the most critical rules for easy reference. The data screen comes in two colors, a white background and a black background. I prefer the black background but thats just me. The screen is fully bookmarked with links to many of the listed contents below. It also provides the art for the back panel in a way that would allow an enterprising person to print the info and art sides into something they could turn into their own version of the screen.

Basically this is a combat and action management screen. It gives what is needed to make these processes go faster for the GM and the players, exactly what a screen should do. It does not have every useful chart in the game (no netrunning charts, vehicle combat or drone use) but it covers many if not all of the aspects that will get the most use in a game session. If you have read the book or played the game you will recognize this from the breakdown below. The only thing I would change is putting the basic net action and net combat resolutions onto the screen. They could have pulled costs, jobs and facedowns to add this but it wasn't enough for me to pull a star. Apologies if I missed anything. The screen covers the following...

Panel 1

Skill Resolution, Difficulty Values, Critical Success, Critical Failure, Trying Again, Complimentary Skills, Taking Extra Time, Using Luck, Modifier Examples, Costs, Actions, Job Pay with payments based on difficulty, and Facedowns.

Panel 2

Initiative, Ranged Combat Resolutions, Move Actions, Single Shot DVs Based on Range, Fire Modes, Aimed Shots, Autofire DVs Based on Range, and Weapon Damage and Rate of Fire by Type.

Panel 3

Melee Combat Resolution, Brawling, Martial Arts, Brawling and Martial Arts Damage, Grabs, Chokes, Thrown Objects, Explosives, Armor and Armor Types, and Cover and Types of Cover.

Panel 4

Wound States and Wound Effects, Critical Injuries to the Body and Effects, and Critical Wounds to the Head and Effects.

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Cyberpunk RED Data Screen
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