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SCP The Tabletop RPG (first edition) €18,43 €11,05
Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
by Milan V. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/02/2021 03:21:35

An excellent entry in the already existing line-up of TTRPG's. Over the past 5 years, I have invested a lot of time in many different TTRPG's, such as Star Wars RPG from FFG but also Call of Cthulhu 7th edition from Chaosium. This TTRPG, however, brings several super unique (and fun) elements to the genre, such as the drama card system, where even players can influence the story by throwing some nice curveballs at the GM, and the mutilation mechanic, which implements a smooth way to introduce various damage types and permanent wounds characters can endure.

Overall, I would say the general rule system of this TTRPG flows pretty well, from the RP to the combat. When I first bought this book about 1 - 2 months ago, there were still some minor parts that really needed some rewording for clarification. I was happy to witness first-hand how quickly and passionately the creator responded to this, immediately going about to review and fix some of the issues.

With a fairly oversaturated market when it comes to TTRPG's, I'm happy to see that some writers still have the balls to try some new stuff to enhance the 30 - 40 year old formula and I think the SCP Tabletop RPG does a lot of things right in this regard.

For a more indepth view of the physical book itself, check out my review on youtube!

Have a nice day and Secure. Contain. And Protect.

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SCP The Tabletop RPG (first edition)
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