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Five Parsecs From Home - Expansion 1 - Trailblazers Toolkit €10,14 €6,08
Publisher: Modiphius
by William B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/21/2021 22:52:48

I am revising my review on this title. Initially I didn't like it because it didn't have some of the things I wanted most:

Psionics Non-tactical combat rules *More story tracks

I still don't think I'll ever use the multiplayer rules, but I have played several games with Escalating Battles, Progressive Difficulty (method 2 - includes elite enemies and difficulty toggles), and Deployment variables.

I am currently combining these rules with some of optional rules in the base set:

  • Combat events
  • Story Track
  • Red and Black missions

So my campaign goal is to try and finish the story track with these rules, and complete a black mission by turn 25. If I can do that, I will declare "I have beat the game."

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Five Parsecs From Home - Expansion 1 - Trailblazers Toolkit
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