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Low Fantasy Gaming (Original) €0,00
Publisher: Pickpocket Press
by Marco R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/15/2021 20:55:34

For the studend surpasses the teacher series, Low Fantasy Gaming (now available in a superb revised edition!) is what the (once beloved) 5e should have been. LFG takes the best out of the modern WotC discoveries and makes them work a lot, lot better. Not only it is more hackable and modular: this game feels a lot more entertaining and better explained. While 5e completely fails (to me at least!) to provide actual modularity (adding it "closed box options" which add starting features, but is actually limited in scope), this game is all about good old school feel with a lot of modern touches we all love. Rests are perfectly managed, the unified Luck Roll is a lovely reference to the original game and the amount of available customisation options (like the 3-6-9-12 feature) are actually helpful, funny and easy to grasp. Combat can be as crunchy as you need, going from "tell and roll" maneuvering to actual grid based tactics, with effortless transition. What I love the most about this 1e is the complete absence of hybrids: Magic-Users handle magic. That's it. You can add stuff through the above mentioned optional features, but that's all you get and it requires some actual effort. Magic feels powerful and dangerous while keeping it consistent with the other parts of the system, obviously "Mundane centered" in terms of flavor. Anything magical feels... magical and that's 4 stars alone. I would have completely removed any "meter-feet" reference for a fluid zone based system, but that's a minor complaint and it's easily hackable. I understand the need of keeping things consistent with other iteractions of the game. I NEVER review games I don't like, so it's not a mystery I only give high votes. 5 stars and thanks for writing games.

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Low Fantasy Gaming (Original)
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