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Infinite Galaxies Core Rules
€13,77 €9,18
Publisher: Grendel's Vault Productions
by Aaron W. Date Added: 01/16/2020 12:00:10

tl;dr: The rules are great. If you love Dungeon World but wanted to be in Space; you'll be happy. My complaint is with the phsyical copy of the book. Not the rules itself.

I really love the PbtA system. Was first introduced through Dungeon World, and this game is no different. I feel a lot of the same things that DW has going are in this book as well. Except, Sci-Fi!

I've read the rules and we created characters over the weekend. Everything went smooth with only a few times having to reference the pdf (I hadn't received my physical book yet)

So the reason I gave this product a 3-Star is because of the physical book. I'm not sure who is at fault, if it was a printing issue or the formatting of the book by the creator. But the margins close to the spine are non-existent. Some pages you can manage by pulling the book a little extra. There are other times where I just can't read the inside words/information due to the lack of a margin. One of the most notable issues are on any pages with a table and the table of contents itself. I can't read what page numbers are being referenced.

I don't know if this will be resolved (as of writing this review, I noticed you can no longer purchase a physical copy of the book, so maybe they are working on it) but we'll see. If it does, I will gladly come back and update my rating.

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Infinite Galaxies Core Rules
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