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M20 The Art of Mage: 20 Years and More €4,66
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Charles S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/19/2019 01:20:29

I love this book.

It has all the great stuff of the Revised Art of Mage book, but updated. Similar amount of art, though slightly less dense. But that lower density is replaced by words describing the process and discussing the art, which is excellent. Best of all, most of the artists have links to their websites, in case anyone has it in them to commission or even just buy prints of pieces they love.

Also, though the Matt Korteling entry, I learned that Mage Minis exist, which...rather surprised me (WoD never seemed super great at tactical combat stuff that minis are good for) and I just hope that someday, whoever has the rights to them at the moment sells them or the files required to 3d print them.

The discussion of signature characters is excellent, covering characters from the beginning of Mage all the way through new ones created for Mage 20. Particularly nice given the lack of a Mage Who's Who book.

Overall, I recommend it even for people who aren't big into art books, it's also an excellent retrospective on Mage and includes bits of vision for its future.

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M20 The Art of Mage: 20 Years and More
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