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Cheat Sheet for Chronicles of Darkness Rules Pay What You Want
Publisher: White Wolf
by Joshua W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/10/2018 18:07:45

Similar to this creator's Storyteller's Screen, they included some of the main mechanics & systems you might want easy access to during a game. This collection expands upon the ST screen, which provides a nice way to customize my screen based on my needs. Core book (CofD) page numbers included for quick reference. There's a lot of information packed on each page, but it nevertheless reads well. The only thing I'd want added is a summary of Ephemera abilities (Influences, Manifestations, etc.). Here's hoping this creator will make more cheat sheets and screens for some of the splats that are still lacking them!

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Creator Reply:
Thank you once again for a kind review. I am definitely working on other splats. I had considered including things like possession/manifestation mechanics in this cheat sheet, I might revisit it now that I know there is a demand.
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Cheat Sheet for Chronicles of Darkness Rules
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