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Night's Edge
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Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Michael D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/22/2018 09:40:56

The Alternate Reality to Cyberpunk. You need Cyberpunk 2020 to use this. If corrupt corporations, rival gangs, criminals, the collapse of society haven't provided enough of a challenge to your players... open up this new frontier.... and throw them to the Vampires. This isn't Vampire: The Masquerade made into a CP2020 compatible system. This is uniquely Cyberpunk. This is CyberVampire 2020.

"But I HATE Vampires, especially angsty, Anne Rice inspired, soy Vamps..."

Yes, there is that. No worries. These Vamps are just as corrupt, just as evil as any other denizen of the 2020 environment. This just helps define these true blood suckers. Imagine a corporate who has lived over 1000 years... These Vamps are predators. Powers and abilities beyond mortals... And they really aren't interested in preserving their humanity... unless it is in a larder for later consumption.

And yes, there are even rules for playing Vampire players.

"But doesn't that detract from the whole Cyberpunk outlook?"

That's up to you, choombah.

But this isn't just about Vampires... or Werewolves (got them too)... this is about expanding the Cyberpunk universe. Psy powers are here too. And you can always take these ideas and mold them to your fancy. Want to make them more like Vampire the Masquerade? Go for it. Tweek it as you need to. Just want to include horror in your game... why not. Have the players final beat back the big corporate bad guy... only to find out he's only a pawn... run by a larger, meaner, more connected individual...

Think the players will be looking over their shoulders after their last Arasaka raid? Wait until they encounter Count Vasilov... the man who has enabled Saboro Arasaka to live to be over 100. But the Count has his own ideas....

I recommend this supplement, not for the Vampires, but because it opens a whole new realm of possibilities... this is the start of your NEW Cyberpunk experience. And you'll need this one for the other great supplements this company produces. If your players are getting jaded... throw this into the mix... the world of 2020 just got a whole lot more dangerous.

I give it 4 stars... mostly because I'm not a big Vampire fan... but there is just too much good stuff to simply throw this aside and say, "Bah. More sparkly Vampire crap." Nope. Not sparkly at all... grim, gritty, and just as much at home on the streets of Night City, as they are in some urban club. Imagine the look on your favorite solo's face when he ventilates his latest target... only for him to not only not fall down... but look at him, with a gleam in his eye... and a gleam in his fangs... "I suppose, were I human, that would have hurt. Oh, it did... but not as much as I will hurt you." Good Cyberpunk crunchy stuff.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Night's Edge
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