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Delta Green Digital Assets: Murder Board Pack 1 €14,09
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Delta Green Digital Assets: Murder Board Pack 1
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Delta Green Digital Assets: Murder Board Pack 1
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Kristopher H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/11/2023 07:19:36

There is no denying that there are a lot of cool assets in this pack.

The problem is: When I spend $15 on digital assets I expect an absolutely seamless plug-n'-play experience. After all, I spent the money so I wouldn't have to spend the time making them myself.

  1. These assets are unnecessarily huge and absolutely not optimized for VTT use. Any that I use I first need to down sample and save in a more optimized format (e.g. webp). If I were to use these out of the box, I'd need to upgrade my VTT hosting tier for more storage.
  2. They don't have drop shadow. Although there is a "helpful" comment in the instructions about adding it yourself.

These assets could've easily been reduced by over 50% in file size and provided with a shadow and no shadow version. If there really is demand for the hi-res assets, adding the optimized versions wouldn't have increased the file size by much.

Time to look into batch commands for GIMP. Not an impossible problem to solve, but one I wish I didn't have to solve after spending the money.

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