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Advanced Tiny Dungeon €13,83
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Advanced Tiny Dungeon
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Advanced Tiny Dungeon
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Regényi M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/08/2022 01:53:05

Okay, here is the thing: It improves upon Tiny Dungeon, but at the same time it is a hot mess. Positives: -It has variable difficulty for tests, which you can easily implement in Tiny Dungeon too. -The layout and artwork is surprisingly good -There is lots of races or "heritages" to choose from (24!) -It delivers what it promises- it is twice as complex as Tiny Dungeon, with variable damage and armor rules, too. -it has better fleshed out advancement rules, so you can play a campaign with a sense of real advancement

Cons: -some of the traits are not thought through (for example, the Berserker Trait lets you roll with one less die in combat to get +1 damage for each success.... which makes no sense really, because light weapons do 1 damage for each success, and heavy weapons do 2 damage for each success. So the only circumstance this trait could be beneficial, if you roll with 2d6 and get two successes, and you get +1 damage. Nope, not good at all) -I am not fan of the AC system. A damage reduction variant would be much better. (Right now armor makes you harder to hit, and does not prevent damage... So, by wearing armor you become a ninja. Yes, it is the same in D&D but I simply hate this) -The monsters are not fleshed out enough. Their trait list often points to other pages. (i.e.: Berserker: As per the fighter Trait). Come on! Most traits are only one sentence! Why do I have to flip the pages looking for this trait? Just copy paste it. Also, some monster are missing obvious traits (i.e.: the Troll have a reach of 15 feet, but Giants doesnt have any?) -In combat you can do "special effect actions", some of which are odd. Okay, you can stun, stagger, knock down... and then there is root and weaken. Well, how do you do that as a fighter? Mechanically they are OK, but description-wise I dont know.

To summarise: It is not a bad system. Basically, it is now almost the same complexity as D&D 5th edition. I just hope that gallant Knight Games clear up or rewrite some of the traits to make them balanced. There are lots of good ideas in this book, and if this was my first RPG i would have been content. But right now I just feel it need to be a little more perfected.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
Advanced Tiny Dungeon
Publisher: Gallant Knight Games
by Robert L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/16/2022 06:02:07

Overall: This is a great alteration of the core Tiny Dungeon system. It fleshes out a lot of aspects while still keeping the core system easy to learn and use. Ultimately I feel this is an improvement over the original system and hope the Gallant Knight Games does similiar 'Advanced' series for their other products that are based on TD2e. I also hope they come out with a Hardcover 8x11 size book (not a fan of the smaller size that TD2e came in), the formatting of the PDF suggests this won't be an option however.

Here is a quick pro/con list

pro: formatting is more aestetically pleasing

pro: Artwork is a lot better (than TD2e)

pro: Conversion rules are given which is a plus

pro: Special effects actions are nice

pro: leveling system expanded

con: the bookmarks for the pdf are disorganized

con: PCs start with a mastered weapon (same in TD2e but I don't agree with it - I house rule no mastered weapons at start)

con: post level 8 xp expenditure options feel lacking

neither: Attack test allows for more damage to be dealt on either side - likewise Armor Class has been implemented to lower incoming damage possibly negating it entirely

neither: Initiative is done a little differently - hard to say if better or worse

neither: Classes have been devised and traits have been organized within classes restricting their usage (can be seen as good or bad)

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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