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The Helm of Radiance - Adventure for Worlds Without Number €0,92
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The Helm of Radiance - Adventure for Worlds Without Number
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The Helm of Radiance - Adventure for Worlds Without Number
Publisher: Earl of Fife Games
by Brandon G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/19/2022 00:16:52

I honestly don't know how to feel abou this product. It's not a brilliant adventure, and if I'm being honest I feel it fails to deliver on the core premises it advertises in its description.

  • 1-2 hours? Unless your players are EXTREMLY slow moving and prone to distractionn it is more in line of 30 minutes to an hour of content at best.
  • "explore" the cave of whispers? it is 3 scenes chained together by a loose narrative. No Map, no branches just: "Say these things. if the players do X, Procede"
  • solve a "riddle" of incredible danger? A series of doors that upon opening have various events that happen. No hint's at the danger's behind the doors at all. One of the doors is an instant "Save or die" scenario for level 1 characters with no warning, I guess that counts as incredibble danger. The only Hint at the doors is "have them roll a notice check, if they succeed tell them one of the doors has worn hinges, thats the correct door to go through" No other narrative clues are given.
  • Solving a mystery with several possibbble player determined outcomes is. "There are monsters at the end. You can either make a deal with them or Fight them".
  • "A new WWN monster" Yes. Thats technically true...But wwn is very generic in its stat blocks so anything that is given stats is "new", and the monster in question is not "new" in the fantasy RPG world. Its kobolds.

It's not a brilliant adventure. My first thought on reading it was "wow. This is the sort of thing I would improvise if my players went in a direction I was not prepared for. But I could likely improvise it better." Followed by "if this is a sellable adventure, I should try publishing the stuff I run."

All of that being said. the seed of something good IS there, and with some work from the referee the concept could be taken and something good could come of it. I'm unfamiliar with the other work by Earl of Fife, so I can't say how this compares to other things they've done...For 2 dollars: it's fine. It's an idea that can be run to fill some time and if you find yourself lacking inspiration, its a fine idea for an adventure if you are willing to put in the lions share of work to make it worth running. I'm not angry I bought it, but at the same time I feel like this could have been a random blog post someone posted as an idea.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks Brandon. I have went through and updated some of the adventure to make parts less random. This is meant for a fill-in spot for a quick aside when adventuring.
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