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The Nightmare Flight €3,87
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The Nightmare Flight
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The Nightmare Flight
Publisher: Chaosium
by Olivier B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/21/2022 21:28:38

(sorry for my english, i'm not an native speaker)

Excellent scenario with a unique "behind closed doors" atmosphere that really fits with an horrific game.

One point : I will probably make a few (minor) changes in the scenario because I am not sure my players will always follow the linear frame (I will not spoil but there is a secne I am quite sure they will not respect what is written in the pitch).

One recommendation : I would propose to add the "Cutaway Views Of Hindenburg Passenger Area" we can find on the Hindenburg Internet website because in the scenario, I had some difficulties to understand the link between the two decks (the scale does not really correspond : try to overlap the two levels with the stairs and the lift, it does not match).

But, this is only a detail. Congrats for this outstanding scenario !

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you very much for the kind feedback and I am really glad you enjoyed the scenario. You are absolutely right to point out the map section would benefit from a cross-section, but unfortunately I couldn't find a version that could be adopted for commercial use. There are a couple available online, but for what it is worth, I quite like this one as it really conveys the sheer scale of the blip: Finally, it would be great to hear how you are planning to tweak the scenario. It may make it better or justify adding another "tip" section to help Keepers run it, which I could either add in the next update round or issue as an errata. If you have time and are mindful to share, feel free to reach me on Twitter @RPopovs or just send an email to
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