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SCP The Tabletop RPG
Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
by kent s. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/17/2021 15:10:47

SCP the tabletop rpg is a fantastic game. Its extremely beginner friendly, right off the bat it tells you what SCP is and basics about ttrpgs in general such as what a GM is. Its a great game for beginners to the genre. It has some really cool and unique gameplay mechanics, such as the clearance level system that turns the entire book into a game mechanic, and the dice system is interesting and fun. Its also very balanced in complexity, not too rules heavy and not too simple. Its in a sweet spot of difficulty that makes it simple for new players and GMs to get into it. I recommend the book to any kind of ttrpg player, especially if your a fan of the SCP universe

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SCP The Tabletop RPG
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