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[Savage Worlds Adventure Edition] The After
Publisher: Fainting Goat Games
by Leslie A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/12/2021 16:32:56

My daughter was interested in playing an rpg with a post-apocalyptic setting, as the Fallout franchise is one of her favorites, so I began researching games in the genre. The After was different enough from the rest of the herd to catch my eye and the rest of the gaming group was willing to give it a chance. I've been running the game weekly for several months now, and everyone is quite happy with it.

I think the rest of the reviews here are spot on, so go read those for an overview. I'll try and avoid repeating what was said before and concentrate on my own personal feelings and experiences.

The vibe I get from the game, and the vibe that it seems to impart to the players, is that of D&D. Not D&D as I see it now, exactly, but as I saw it circa 1980 - new, fresh, wide-eyed explorers and adventurers striking out into the unknown for riches and adventure. The scarcity of equipment, the lack of complex machinery, and the Item Stress system emphasize a grittiness - a closeness to the environment - even if that environment is very harsh. And the absolute craziness and inventiveness of the Butcher and Ghost tech seem to revitalize the same old same old feeling of the D&D magic items we've all become accustomed to over the decades.

The players have really taken the author's suggestions to heart and become deeply involved with the people of The After. They've built up a salvage business and traded with the community of Chapter. They have jockeyed for leadership positions within the Posthuman faction. They have had romances and marriages. They have had a hockey game with a rival salvage business. One player even wrote and starred in her own one-woman show in the local playhouse.

The game developers have done a wonderful job of painting just enough of the world to get their point across and left huge areas for the players and I to exercise our creativity. As a GM, I'm fascinated with the Ghosts themselves, and how their technology works. It makes just about anything I can think up fit into the world. And since this is Savage Worlds, I can dump people, creatures, and items from Deadlands, Rifts, Lankhmar and others. Oh, and Deadlands: Lost Colony has a treasure trove of beasties to throw into the mix.

Later, I intend on dropping Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (AD&D Module S3) straight into the campaign. Why? Well, it's a favorite D&D module of mine and fits perfectly thematically. And it will be easy. I've got most of the monster stats right here in my Savage Pathfinder bestiary.

I'm also very interested in the real-life place the setting is based on - the Wind River Range up in Wyoming. I've spend quite a bit of time exploring the area in 3d on Google Earth, and watching hiking vidoes on Youtube covering the area. I have a strong desire to go there now. It's beautiful.

One note about the physical product. I grabbed the softcover of the book. One of my players bought the hardcover. While the softcover is perfectly servicable, the hardcover is just so darn pretty. I'm jealous.

So thanks to the developers for creating and publishing this game. It's a setting I never thought I'd be interested in until I saw the possibilities. Five stars and all that.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
[Savage Worlds Adventure Edition] The After
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