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Defiant Role Playing Game
Publisher: Game Machinery
by Charlotte B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/14/2020 18:52:52

Hey there!

I was informed of this game through the newsletter and was instantly hooked. I bought it the day it came out or just a little bit later. And definitely don't regret it. It is an incredible interesting setting and while the book is super long (at least for a newbie like me), I am more than willing than go through all of it. I am very excited to finaly GM a group.

(Please keep in mind, that I am the farthest thing from an expert) And please correct me, if I am wrong.

Let's start with the characters. At first I was sceptic about the whole let's-draw-cards-to-make-the-basics-of-the-characters, but now I got used to the idea and even began seeing the benefits. I mean, they can still choose one of the cards they drew, but it challenges them and makes them think outside of the box. And the fact that they are royalty is even better. They will have responsibility and will have to make hard decisions, from which they can't run away. Every action has a consequence and while it will not end in death, at least in most cases, it can be bad. Plus, they have to be married. Which is quite the opportunity to Roleplay and explore the depths of the characters. ( And it seems that being part of the LGBTQIA+ community is normal and respected and isn't that fantastic???? Sorry, my queer heart just can't take it. At least that's what I gathered till page 300 or so.) The setting is also quite the treat. An apocalyptic world, that has some safe spaces left and these are ruled by supernatural royalty. The "outside world" remains ignorant of the Apocalypse. (That suspiciously sounds like reality.) And the founders of the Domains are basically Rebels (or Traitors), since they refused to take their place in the Apocalypse. And now they have their own hierachy and their own sets of customs, rules and laws, which reminds me of a historical court. Scandal, intrigues and trying to win favours, while ruling over a court? Sign me up. There is something gritty and seductive about this world, which may have to do with the fact, that debauchery is seemingly quite common there, even though I think you can play without it. But...just...yesssss. As for the Mechanics...well, I am too much of a beginner in these kinds of games, to really have an opinion. But I can say, that I still enjoy the mechanics. (Whhich sounds kind of bleak in face of my previous b outs of fangirling...yeah.)

So, I guess I rambled enough. I just want to thank the author for putting the care and passion into this Game. You did a great job! Ok. That's it.


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Defiant Role Playing Game
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