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Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War €18,69
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Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War
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Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War
Publisher: Blackwing Productions
by Minrocheem [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/14/2023 23:48:07

The concept is great - essentially what if the Super Mario Bros Movieie was a steampunk swords and sorcery pulp adventure setting instead of a dystopian cyberpunk setting.

The graphic design is gorgeous and extremely usable. It has an art-deco style with clean lines, well organized charts, and clearly delineated sections. Every entry in the Table of Contents is a clickable link that takes you straight to that section.

The setting is well detailed and laid out, and the new options are well presented and organized. It gives helpful tips for where and how to fit the default Savage Worlds material into its world (like suggesting you use the cat stats for a compsognathus)

This may well be my favorite 3rd party Savage Setting, if not my favorite Savage Setting in general.

The only thing I take issue with is that there is a strange skip in page numbers at the beginning of Chapter 6 in the PDF version, but not the Physical version, and the Table of Contents references the skipped page numbers, meaning that the Table of Contents is off by about 5 pages in the physical edition. Not a big enough problem to knock a star off, but worth noting.

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