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Desperados: A Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game
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Desperados: A Pen and Paper Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Pegasus Press
by Robin M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/13/2023 13:42:40

Desparados Pen and Paper is fun simple to learn and wide open for wild west game play. I am running a game with two complete novices to RPGs and the are having a wonderful time. all rolls are 3 d6 and the combat system is straight forward. enemy characters at first seem very underpowered, but they cause damage automatically, which makes them very powerful indeed. role play and planning become the mainstay, and combat is often quick and dangerous, as it should be.

The included scenario has a major historic error. The railway has never passed by Genoa Nevada through an abandoned silver mine does make sense, as almost no mining took place near Genoa.

That being said we have created an alternate Nevada including the Ponderosa Ranch, The Cartwrights, James West and Artimus Gordon I have a game running on Roll20 in it's 3rd year with a long future ahead of it

The perfect game for role players who lie to use rules as a guide and framework

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