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Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set
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Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set
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Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Jesper C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/14/2020 02:27:00

We played through this adventure yesterday with three of the pregenerated characters, and it was the best time I've had with any game in a very long while. Here are some of the aspects I liked most:

  • The simplicity and elegance of the rules made it super easy to get into. The mechanics for pushing rolls especially made for good roleplaying opportunities when there's a certain check a player really wants to succeed on.
  • The pregenerated characters are all a lot of fun individually but also have a fun chemistry together. I'm really shipping Fredrik and Linda ending up together.
  • The adventure itself is well written and gives a lot of different options how to approach each situation, whether it's by sneaking past, talking your way through, hacking a robot, or brute force (the last one I wouldn't recommend).
  • There's just a huge amount of polish and detail in this product and it shows. From the handouts to the fact that each of the kids has a favorite '80s song, I love every bit of it.

In conclusion, I would really recommend picking this up if you're even mildly interested in the setting or just want to play a game focused less on violence and more on solving mysteries and just being kids. We will definitely continue by playing through the adventures in the main book!

PS: There's an "actual play" video of this game over on Youtube:

PPS: There's also a version of the adventure on Roll20, which I would recommend getting instead if you're playing there. I only noticed after I bought it here, so I ended up copying some screenshots from the PDF into Roll20, which worked out fine too.

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