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Tachyon Squadron • Inside the Dominion of Unity €2,65
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Tachyon Squadron • Inside the Dominion of Unity
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Tachyon Squadron • Inside the Dominion of Unity
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Benjamin W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/10/2021 12:17:53

The Good New Type of Ship detailed Two new factions detailed Some good new modular equipment for your ships

The Bad The book only contains 4 pages of information about the culture and setting of the Dominion of Unity. Of those pages it uses 2 of them to tell you that the Dominion is Capitalist / anti-religion / racist / anti-lgbt. It also says that "exactly the same-thing" applies to the good guys, they just feel bad about it.Then it includes a half-page disclaimer telling you to not do any of that as a GM because your players likely won't enjoy you acting like a bigot towards them. So really this book only includes 2 useful pages of world building information on the Dominion of Unity.

The book explicitly tells you how to play this game. You should essentially play as a rebel force and the Dominion is "unambiguously villains". This severly limits any GM creativity with the setting if you follow the book as written.

Final thoughts Tachyon Squadron is an interesting application of the Fate system to a dogfighting starship combat realm. I could definitly see applying the system to a Battlestar Galactica / Star wars Rogue Squadron/ etc type game.

Unfortunatly the setting is essentially trying to force the GM to make a game where they make all characters bigots and 1-dimensional racists. I don't know anyone who would actually want to play a game like that so quite a lot of the world building is just not usable.

[2 of 5 Stars!]
Tachyon Squadron • Inside the Dominion of Unity
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Jeff P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/11/2019 08:43:07

"Inside the Dominion of Unity" is the third supplement released for 'Tachyon Squadron,' which is a fantastic roleplaying game of starfighter combat using the Fate Core rules. The first of those supplements, "Those Who Were Here Before," is a scenario where the player characters and their fightercraft brush up against the dark between the stars, introducing an element of Lovecraftian horror to what is nominally a PEW!PEW!PEW! game about hotshot pilots and space dogfighting, and the fish-out-of-water element of that adventure really made it work. "Starfighter Academy," the second supplement released for this game, adds a new palette of story elements to your 'Tachyon Squadron' game, this time by allowing the players to roleplay newbies in training, building their characters organically through gameplay before your regular campaign even begins. "Inside the Dominion of Unity" stretches the scale and scope of a standard 'Tachyon Squadron' campaign again, this time by shifting its focus to the 'bad guys' in the setting: the evil Dominion itself.

Every tale of adventure needs a good villain, and the Dominion presented in this supplement fits the bill quite nicely. This enemy, it turns out, is an autocratic corporate state, complete with a computer-generated 'dear leader' personality whom the populace have been propagandized to adore. Political officers, institutional racism and systematic oppression of nonbinaries, indoctination sessions, black marks upon your citizenship records for noncompliance-- it's all here. The Dominion would make good baddies in any space opera worthy of the name.

Ah, but who would want to play hotshot fighter pilots in such an oppressive environment? Who would want to fight for such an evil police state? "Inside the Dominion of Unity" answers these questions with a new type of campaign for 'Tachyon Squadron.'

It turns out that there are two dissident resistance movements within the Dominion, fighting its tyrannical evil from within: the Red Fist and the Order of the Last. Player characters in a Dominion-centered campaign can still be heroes by risking everything as cell members of one of these clandestine groups. The Order of the Last is a secret network of dissidents who seek to bring down the Dominion with deliberate acts of sabotage and espionage; fighter pilots who belong to the Order might be tasked with monkeywrenching a mission, or even taking out an especially ruthless political officer in an 'accidental' friendly-fire incident, while still trying to maintain the facade of being loyal members of the Dominion military elite. The Red Fist, on the other hand, is an active rag-tag rebellion, engaging the Dominion on the margins of its territory with hit-and-run guerilla tactics, constantly on the run from Dominion retaliation and reprisals.

The expanded game option presented in this supplement are good stuff, but I also really liked that it provides rules for creating Dominion characters. This is useful even if you don't want to run a Dominion-centered campaign, because it allows you to flesh out the enemy aces and commanders for your normal 'Tachyon Squadron' setting.

This is another amazing supplement for 'Tachyon Squadron,' one of my favorite settings for Fate Core, and I highly recommend both the game and this supplement.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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