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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - The Engine of Life Supplement €11,02
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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - The Engine of Life Supplement
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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - The Engine of Life Supplement
Publisher: UFO Press
by Björn L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/24/2020 08:40:38

Hope among the ruins - a Mephisto review

The Engine of Life

The Engine of Life is another addition to the roleplaying game Legacy, which is thematically dedicated to the aspect of hope. In this sense, the sourcebook is a collection of various additions for the existing game. There is a new character role, the prophet, new landmarks, and a few new wonders to build. The new coda rule is about retiring characters who have each completed their fourth role - and what the consequences are. With the festivals, another rule mechanism is introduced, which on the one hand, stylistically shapes the new society in the ruins through corresponding traditions, but on the other hand, can also bring concrete advantages.

After some essays on the topics of love, traditions, culture and religion - i.e. values that have a special meaning even after the fall and can shape the life among the ruins - six new families and seven new characters are introduced, which further increases the diversity of this game. There are both exciting, but rather classic variations as well as stranger ideas, such as the Timestream Refugees, which arrived from the future to escape a catastrophe or to prevent it now. With Burning Down Babylon, the book also provides a small, relatively compact setting that is suitable for a quicker start.

Overall, The Engine of Life provides a toolbox full of new elements to add to the game. None of them will really change Legacy completely, but thematically, this volume has captured the element of hope that something new and good will emerge from the ruins in a fitting way. In my opinion, the number of options and possibilities to design Legacy has become almost too extensive with all the additions (especially since there is another sourcebook that looks at the post-ruin era from a much more pessimistic perspective). However, if you take the time to try out all these possibilities and elements, you get the chance to play such very individual times after the demise.

(Björn Lippold)

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