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The World of Alessia Campaign Primer
Publisher: Storm Bunny Studios
by Ubaydullah I. I. A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/06/2022 07:01:09

The World of Alessia, by Jera Mannninena and Jaye Sonia; Published by Storm Bunny Studios.

IsisThis next to Eberron is one of the most creative uses of the D&D system that I've seen. It is both a good idea and product.

The "World of Alessia" is a gonzo science fantasy set on and around a habitable gas giant of the same name.

It is a setting that someone who grew up in the 90s would have built.

If you like at least 3 of the following...

  • 90s jrpgs in general.

  • Final Fantasy specifically.

  • 90s Fantasy anime/manga.

  • Battle Chasers.

  • Pixar's Aesthetic.

  • Kung Fu Panda.

  • Star Trek; This will be explained later.

You'll love this setting.

Alessia is a setting where the good people have essentially won. On this planet the many native races and those that arrived from elsewhere. Have chosen openness and cooperation over xenophobia and conflict.conflict.In that regard Alessia is very much a fantasy Star Trek.

The PC's are assumed to be either adventuress citizens or agents of the benevolent "Empire of Xian".

Beyond the ever present "human evil", there are two major threats...

The mutant spawn born of the corpse of an Eldritch Dragon-God, that was slain by the first Emperor.

The Alien armada held at bay by the natural and artificial orbital defenses, that want to conquer the planet and recapture their escaped slaves.

I have two points of contention...

D&Dism:To me the classic D&D fantasy tropes feel completely unnecessary and tacked. Alessia already having it's own races,cosmology, and magic ; did not need D&D's.

Utopianism: I've gotten increasingly cynical about human nature with age.While I love Star Trek, I cannot believe the promise of the Federation outside of the setting. The fact that so many different races/species chose cooperation of their own accord. Is something I find too good to be true.

I look forward to seeing more of what will be done with...

The "World of Alessia".

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The World of Alessia Campaign Primer
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Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG
Publisher: Nightpath Publishing
by ubaydullak a. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/06/2020 08:17:42

I bought Entromancy and after reading the PDF, the physical copy has yet to arrive, I have come to regard it as the most clever revision of D20 5th Edition rule set that I have encountered thus far.

Game play and progression are tied to a "mission system" which progression wise is similar to milestone EXP systems. Game play wise there is separation between downtime and "Missions(Adventures)". Instead of "Leveling up" like in the parent system, characters can purchases new abilities as they complete missions, usually 1:1.

Despite my liking of Entromancy I do have a major critique of the rpg, it has a very narrow scope.

Entromancy the RPG is dedicated replicating the setting, as in locale, of the Entromancy novel series San Fransisco and the surrounding areas. Which is something I find unfortunate, because we are only given a keyhole through which we can see a very deep setting. That narrow scope carries over into Character creation, the classes of Entromancy are meant to represent the significant characters from the novels, where as the character classes in the parent system are meant to be archetypal protagonists of the modern,quasi-medieval European, High Fantasy milieu.

I would love to see more of this setting and if future installments of both the rpgs and the novels upon which it is based significantly broadened the scope and provided gamers with the tools to make their characters instead slotting them into the molds of preexisting ones.

I would gladly pick them up.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG
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Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for the nice feedback!
Equinox Setting Guide (English)
Publisher: Vagrant Workshop
by ubaydullah i. a. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/07/2020 21:09:16

I find it hard to articulate my thoughts on any piece of media, thus I don't write reviews,a simple like or don't like, aren't really helpful to other people.

I'm 29 now and had been waiting for this game since I was in my mid to late before it was called Equinox, when I first learned about the game it was referred to as the Eight World!

Back in my teens hanging out in Shadowrun centric corners of the Internet I learned of a planned sequel game to Shadowrun set in the far future, a science-fantasy space opera set in he Eight World.

Side Note: The fantasy prequel setting of EarthDawn is the Fourth World, the earth from 10,000 BC to 2010 AD was the Fifth World, Shadowrun is the Sixth World, and Space Opera setting was to be the Eigth World roughly 10,000 AD.

I was hooked, Shadowrun is one of my favorite settings space opera is my favorite genre so a space opera sequel is 100% my jam.

But...the game never came out, years went by I'd scour the net and found nothing new about the project, which lead me to believe that it had unfortunately folded.

Then I on a whim did one last search to see if there were any science fantasy settings, which lead me to Equinox and to my pleasant surprise it was "the Eight World" project under a different name and publisher.

So I bought the book, read it and the only thing aggravating or offensives about it, is the time that it took to finally be released; unfortunately Cooperate/Licensing shenanigans happen.

It's an excellent system antagonistic setting book, that tells Players and GMs everything that they need to run games in the world, adventure hooks included.

The only possible issue with book could be the art, while I like it just fine it's not modern game book art.

No Equinox use 90s black and white art that's very reminiscent of the art used in Shadowrun's older editions and that might not work for some people.

In conclusion I give the book two thumbs up and say congratulations on a job well done to Vagrant Workshop.

P.S. If you're not going to use Vagrant Work shops Match System, Savage Worlds is going to be the easiest and fastest game system to run Equinox.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Equinox Setting Guide (English)
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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review and opinion, we're glad you enjoyed the setting and excited you took the time to review it here! Just a note in regards to the book makeup and artwork: keep in mind that this is not a glossy A+ title, but an indie project done on an indie budget. We are very happy we were able to hire David to do the entire artwork of the book and help it get a consistent look and feel, but are aware that the style we went for is not everyone's cup of tea.
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