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Earthdawn Fourth Edition Elven Nations (ED4)
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Earthdawn Fourth Edition Elven Nations (ED4)
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Earthdawn Fourth Edition Elven Nations (ED4)
Publisher: FASA
by Paul D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/06/2020 10:28:11

No real world politics of any kind found in this book. No gender bashing, no ethnicity shaming and no status shaming. What an absolutely refreshing change to have a product contain none of it in an entertainment medium where one tries to escape from the mundainity or horror of real life.

As for the product itself, top quality pdf as you should have come to expect if you are buying into the Fourth edition of this game much like myself.

The stuff on the Blood Wood elves is pretty horrifying, the various sacrifices made to ensure survival. I eat this up like candy, you really get a feel for what elves as a race are and how one could be portrayed at your table.

Keep up the great work, you have a fan.

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