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Odyssey of the Dragonlords: Player's Guide
Publisher: Modiphius
by Wizard L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/28/2019 17:41:11

This Player's Guide is so awesome, it gets me soooo excited about the full campagn book. The quality of this is abosultly amazing (especially considering its free!), from the artwork to accecability of information. I love greek mythology (both modern fantastical and historical) so it is refreshing to have a solid campagn setting that I think my players will really get into.

A few highlights and critiques from me:

  • Love, love, love the art. It really helps set the mood, is tasteful and high quality.
  • A few of the Flavor texts for the inworld character voice (with the little colored background) can be difficult to read, but maybe its me and my old eyes ;) its only a sentence or two here and there so I'm not really worrried about that.
  • Really like the idea of Epic backgrounds, i think they are going to add a level of immersion for my players. I can't wait like to see how they are incorportate into the Campagin book story.
  • Order of content is well thought out and presented. As a player (and GM) its very digestable, and I'm guessing as a suppliment for the campaign that player will be able to reference back fairly easily (Factions, Names, Gods, etc).
  • Love the maps!
  • Not sure how the Curses will work, they seem really cool, but will they be happening all the time or just every now and then - I guess its also open to the GM to decide how to use this mechanic.

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Odyssey of the Dragonlords: Player's Guide
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