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Forbidden Lands: The Spire of Quetzel €8,22
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Forbidden Lands: The Spire of Quetzel
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Forbidden Lands: The Spire of Quetzel
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Björn L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/01/2021 13:21:04

The Spire of Quetzel

In the open world of Forbidden Lands, many places are waiting to be explored by the player characters - and The Spire of Quetzel is just one of four places introduced in the sourcebook of the same name.

The book focuses on four locations: the tower of a demonic mage that reaches through several worlds, a prison where some demons are imprisoned, a forest inhabited by witches, and the final resting place of giant lizards.

All locations use the usual format for Forbidden Lands: they introduce the legends, present the layout of the location, describe the characters and monsters, and provide story ideas to go along with them. This gives gamemasters and players places to explore freely because there is no set story or predefined goals for the players, unlike regular adventures. What the player characters do with the place is up to them...

The four locations of The Spire of Quetzel are very varied and offer exciting, puzzling, and, above all, outstanding places, for which it is not surprising that legends have grown up around them.

The focus of the locations is different in each case: sometimes the exploration of a mysterious place is in the foreground, sometimes the player characters can get involved in the web of relationships of some non-player characters, sometimes they are confronted with a mysterious situation. What all places have in common is that they are potentially very dangerous. Personally, I particularly liked the Hexenwald, which makes it very clear how much these places rely on the player's initiative.

From my point of view, this sourcebook is a excellent addition with immediately playable adventure locations or inspiration for your own locations. With its ideas, the book shows how unusual the world of Forbidden Lands can be.

(Björn Lippold)

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