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Publisher: Garnett Elliott
by Amos B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/27/2021 15:41:51

Everywhen feels more like a collection of optional rules for Barbarians of Lemuria than a cohesive system in and of itself. To the extent it is a coherent RPG system it can't seem to decide if it wants to be rules light or rules medium. I do appreciate the way it lays out the Lifeblood system in a way that doesn't really alter BoL's system, just makes it more explicit. Aside from that, however, it looks and feels like a GURPS supplement (for better and for worse) and leaves the Gamemaster with lots of work to do and, at best, a few helpful suggestions. The art throughout is simple but solid (GURPSian, if you will). Some of the optional rules are decent but almost all of them seem unncessarily complex for a sytem that doesn't even bother to lay out an explicit action economy for combat rounds. The writing and layout are serviceable.

My ultimate takeaway was disappointment: I was excited to get a bit more meat on the mechanical bones of Barbarians of Lemuria but after finishing the book I realized I was still going to have to do all the work to make the system and settings function together and most of the optional rules and subsystems were similar to ideas I had already been considering as BoL houserules anyway. All that said, I do hope they keep coming out with supplements. I definitely prefer the traditional gaming approach of BoL to the PbtA style stuff that is coming out these days. Sadly, it really seems like Everywhen and Barbarians of Lemuria are dead systems at this point. That doesn't stop you from playing them...but I wish there was more online discussion and resources to take advantage of.

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