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Publisher: Shawn Tomkin
by John M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/04/2021 01:09:07

I have played/read MANY rpgs in my decades, this includes all of the "big" ones, and several dozens smaller and sometimes ones that people have never heard of. Some people curl up with a normal fiction book to relax, I read RPGs. I do confess that PbtA is my "newest", and I use that word lightly, rpg engine. The engine has birthed many great systems and fantastic games. When I sit back and look at my top 5 games, not systems, not engines, but GAMES, there are 100s (or 1000s) to choose from. It is rare for my top 5 to get "new blood", but THIS game, this game came in and kicked the other games in the balls. When I get the money I WILL be buying the hardback copies, because I just got the soft. Try the game for free, then open your wallet and slap Shawn with your highest bill. You can play it on Roll20 and I am working on a character sheet to be able to play on World Anvil, not to mention many community members are working of other ways to play this game. Shawn you seriously deserve the praise.

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