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Publisher: Shawn Tomkin
by Andrew K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/07/2019 11:42:47

Delivery was prompt. The book is physically of high quality. The lay out inside the book is a little unorthodox. I'm used to small RPG books placing Character Creation in the beginning as groundwork for how that character works in the rule set. This makes retention of information easier for me if I'm using a on screen PDF. With that understanding the hard bound book allows me to read that first and then start to understand the rules and how character fits in.

I like the mechanics of the game system. They are simple and get out of the way of the way if playingg in Solo RPG mode. I'm new to solo RPGs but this one seems like a good fit. I've only played the one session but the mechanics are pretty intuitive and allows/requires some creative storytelling on the Solo RPG player. I think this will be a fun system to play regulary when I can't get with a group of players.

I want to add some comments since I've played and got to read most of the book regarding gameplay. The gameplay/tutorial near the end of the book was fanstastic. I'm sorry but all RPG books should show images of potential dice rolls & an interpretation of the results. This might not be needed for very popular games that "everyone" plays but is crucial for new game systems.

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