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Low Fantasy Gaming (Original)
Publisher: Pickpocket Press
by Kera F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/29/2023 19:41:17

i game mastered 2 games using low fantasy gaming and i have the following opinions.

i love a lot about this game and ill just list what i liked and think are improvements over the base d20 model for fantasy games.

  • less classes (though frankly barbarian could have just been a fighter weapon style)
  • the skill system (how i interpret it at aleast)
  • reroll pool
  • the luck system acting for saving throws
  • exploits are cool
  • level 3, 6, 9. 12 unique abilities are awesome
  • i like injurys and dark and dangerous magic
  • chases (in concept, didint get to use these much)
  • weapons having unique crit effects

my problems are that the game is not very clear as to how skill checks work exactly, whether having a skill adds +1 to ability checks for each ability a characters skills are attributed to or if its only target attribute +1. also its not clear if untrained skilled gain this benefit or not. my group sort of just relied on the roll20 character sheet to answer this question.

skill contests didint make a lot of sense to me at first and could be simplified to saying "both creatures roll a skill or attribute check, then the winner is the creature who exceeds the target number the most, when neither succeed the winner is the closest to the target number.

initiative makes sense on paper but we ran into a problem using the roll20 character sheet because the character sheet treats initiative the way it would a skill check rolling against a target number (no idea which number) when that is not how it works in the book.

there are no rules for rising from prone when a character is knocked prone, we just decided that you spend a move action for it, however if a character is knocked prone by an attack and the attacker cant make a second attack then the character being prone has no effect on combat unless another enemy attacks them afterword. id recommend rising from prone provoking an attack from adjacent enemies

while i like the chase rules they are a bit in-flexible outside its most obvious application, for instance i thought it was a good idea for a rolling boulder trap to act like a chase, but this created many problems. 3d6 legs of a chase are far to many, inanimate objects dont have con scores, but i settled on it having a con score of 10, and a lot of the chase events didint fit the situation players were in. this isint so much bad as it means id need to remake the table to tailor the situation better, but i believe that for the situation the rules were designed for they are great. however, id change the number of legs a chase lasts to being 1d6 per player character participating.

weapons having unique crits is interesting but monsters using weapons require you to memorize how each weapons crit works

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Low Fantasy Gaming (Original)
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Creator Reply:
Thanks for taking the time to do this review Kera, greatly appreciated, and glad you've enjoyed LFG (original). The Initiative function in Roll20 uses the LFG Deluxe version - ie only PCs roll, they make Dex checks, and (i) those who succeed go before the monsters, (ii) those who get a Great Success also go before any Boss Monsters, and (iii) those who fail go after the monsters. The GM doesn't need to roll for Init using the Deluxe system, only the players roll, which seems to speed things up. Hope this helps.
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