Welcome to the WOIN Community Publishing Syndicate (WCPS)!

Looking for new content for your WOIN campaign? Or do you want to publish and sell your own adventures, sourcebooks, rules, settings, monsters, or more?

The WOIN Community Publishing Syndicate is where fans and publishers alike can release and sell their own WOIN-compatible products, from 2-page articles to full-fledged books! We positively encourage fan and third-party content, and we're committed to helping you sell it!

Militant Island

What type of product can I find in the WCPS?

Here you'll find any kind of product! You can find articles, rulebooks, adventures, careers, monsters, spells, exploits, starships, and more.

You can even find third party products designed to work with our settings, such as The Cauldron, and ZEITGEIST. And, of course, you'll find new settings here, too, created by fans and third party publishers.

Do you want to publish in the WCPS?

You are welcome to publish your own content in the WCPS! We even help you by providing free artwork you can use in your products, style guides, and other resources. We really want to make it easy for you. There aren't many restrictions on what you can publish. Adventures, settings, rules, anything you like - the only thing we ask you not to publish here in the WCPS are standalone core rulebooks.

You don't need to learn any complicated licences. You don't even need to worry about "open gaming content" or anything - the entire contents of any official WOIN book (save artwork, or content from properties we ourselves have licensed from elsewhere) is yours to use as long as you don't distribute it outside the WCPS.

You can set any price you wish for your items, or you can make them free. The proceeds are split between DriveThruRPG (the store hosting this platform), EN Publishing, and you.

Just check out out Content Guidelines, and the free creator resources we've already uploaded to the WCPS for you.After creating your title as a download-ready file, visit your account page and look in the "My Content" section. There you will find the link "Add a new title". You must agree to the Community Content Agreement in order to upload your new title. After publication, all WCPS content is available here. You can check sales history, view reviews and fan discussions of your work, and book royalties through PayPal by clicking on the Account tap at the top of the page and selecting My Content.

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