Community Content Programs

Bringing Community, Creators, and Content together

Pegasus Digital works with game publishers on two types of programs which allow you to create your own content for your favorite games

  • Roleplaying fans can make their own RPG content for D&D and other top roleplaying games through community content programs that allow you to create your own RPG supplements, upload them to Pegasus Digital, and offer them to other fans.
  • Card games, board games, and roleplaying game card aids can all utilize our community card creators which allow you to easily create your own custom playing cards that match the official cards for a game. Cards you design can be printed and mailed to you through our high-quality print-on-demand card production. Shuffle in an over-powered joke card, an engagement ring card, or try out your serious game design chops with game expansion cards that you share with the game community.
Community Content

When you see a title listed on Pegasus Digital as Community Content or noted by this icon,
then you know it’s produced by the game’s community.

Roleplaying Community Content Programs

Our roleplaying game community content programs began when we launched in association with Wizards of the Coast to allow D&D fans to create their own fifth edition titles and offer them for sale to other D&D fans. Then we launched programs with Margaret Weis Productions, Monte Cook Games, and Mongoose Publishing. We'll be adding programs for more games soon.

Learn how to publish your own creations in Roleplaying Community Content Programs or click a logo below to see the community resources and titles.